Institute of International Diplomacy and Foreign Trade - international guarantor and bearer of the know-how of legitimate national and foreign trade expansion
The Institute of International Diplomacy and Foreign Trade is a completely impartial and independent certification authority that brings transparent information into mutual, culturally diverse international relations, and bilateral trade agreements. With a neutral approach and legal norms, it builds mutual trust in the know-how of certified non-governmental organizations and corporations, business and production companies, state organizations, and institutions, both on the European and Asian continents.
The importance of business certification for holders of the international status “Certified business partner for the territory of the region European Union and the People’s Republic of China”
1.) Strengthening the portfolio credibility and business fairness of the entity
2.) Increasing the international prestige and know-how of the entity’s brand
3.) Expansion of the entity’s business activities to the European and Asian continents
4.) Global brand promotion and portfolio of services and products
5.) Records in the international online register of certified entities
6.) Designation of the establishment or registered office with an international certification mark
7.) Selection of suitable business partners and elimination of misunderstandings
Other professional and socially important activities of the Institute of International Diplomacy and Foreign Trade
  • builder of bilateral bridges for stable and promising international relations
  • mediator of crisis situations and assistant of emergency assistance to citizens of the Czech Republic and the PRC abroad
  • transparent supplier of co-ordinated humanitarian activities for the territory of the Czech Republic and the PRC
  • news guide to cultural, social, and business life in the Czech Republic and the PRC
  • navigator of cultural, social, and trade opportunities across the EU and the PRC
  • curator of international enlightenment of natural and cultural heritage, scientific, and technical development and lifestyle

Our identity


 Company ID No.: 28599152, Tax ID No.: CZ28599152
The company is registered at the Regional Court in Ostrava, Section C, File 33938
Czech Republic

Our clients

  • Energy multinational corporations
  • Financial and investment companies
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Multinational automotive corporations
  • NGOs and corporations
  • Print media and TV companies
  • Private and family sector of clients
  • Security and armed forces
  • State organizations and institutions
  • Trading and manufacturing companies
  • Transport and forwarding companies
  • University and educational institutions