Institute of International Diplomacy and Foreign Trade - your news guide to cultural, social, and business life in the Czech Republic and the PRC
The Institute of International Diplomacy and Foreign Trade brings a completely new format of the news channel, the aim and content of which is to develop and deepen mutual trade co-operation, and bring closer the diversity of national customs and the richness of cultural traditions. The newsletter is published in three language versions, in the form of contributions by editors, and also contributors from the ranks of travellers and culture fans.
Breakdown of newsletter categories
1.) Business and economy (industry, cultivation, trade, fairs, export-import, ...)
2.) Travel and culture (monuments, reservations, traditions, art, attractions, ...)
3.) Lifestyle and health (education, culinary, garden, hobby, regeneration, ...)
4.) Interviews and reports (personalities, traders, producers, artists, craftsmen, ...)
5.) Science and technology (technology, innovation, discoveries, achievements, leadership, ...)
Call for authors
The Institute of International Diplomacy and Foreign Trade accepts exclusively author’s contributions and photographs for publication in the individual sections of the News Diary. Each author is fully responsible for the normative observance of copyright law. By sending a contribution and a photograph, the author consents to its free publication. For publication, we accept contributions in PDF or DOC format, with a range of 1-2 standard pages (1800 - 3600 characters), supplemented by a maximum of two photographs, up to the size of 1MB each. We accept contributions in Czech, Chinese, English. In the event of any suspicion of a threat to health, breach of security, conflict of interest, or other illegal actions or behaviour, the editors have the right not to publish the paper and the photo.
Required additional information necessary for publishing the paper and photos:
1.) Author of the paper and photographs (name and surname or pseudonym)
2.) Category of paper (1. Business and economics, 2. Travel and culture, 3. Lifestyle and health, 4. Interviews and reports, 5. Science and technology)
Send your questions, contributions, and suggestions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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