About the founder of the Institute of International Diplomacy and Foreign Trade
Mgr. Bc. Roman Valíček, MSc., DBA
Psychologist and pedagogue of clinical, forensic, tactical, and strategic psychology
President of the Institute of International Diplomacy and Foreign Trade
Philanthropist, without political affiliation
Graduate of European, Eurasian, and Anglo-Saxon university studies at the faculties of psychology and special pedagogy with a profile and graduation from the Department of Psychodiagnostics and Clinical Psychology, the Department of Tactical and Strategic Psychology, the Department of Forensic Psychology, and the Department of Andragogy.
Professional and full-time internships: Czech Republic, People’s Republic of China, Germany, Ukraine.
Professional conferences and presentations: England, Czech Republic, People's Republic of China, Italy, Japan, Mongolia, Germany, Poland, Austria, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine.
Thirteen-time Guinness World Records record holder in the field of psychokinetic activities. Holder of two landmarks in the field of psychokinesis, as well as a number of other social and professional awards for the results achieved.
(2020 –     ) President of the Institute of International Diplomacy and Foreign Trade. International representation of the executive branch. Co-ordination of development and support of activities on the European and Asian continents. Initiating, conducting, and maintaining procedural diplomatic or business dialogue with government institutions, multinational corporations, and profile-specific organizations. Activation of humanitarian and rescue operations within the scope of applicable legislation and laws of the host country.
(2015 – 2020) Rector and Chairman of the Academic Senate of the World University of Psychological Science. Performance of the statutory university authority and management of the academic college and administrative team. Implementation of innovative educational techniques of natural acquisition of knowledge and skills, with maximum regard to the personality, innate, and acquired preconditions of students.
(1995 –     ) Psychological and pedagogical practice in the field of personalized development of personalities and profile personality skills. Psychologist and visiting professor with a professional profile of clinical, forensic, tactical, and strategic psychology. Expert advisor and mediator of the nature of professional specialization and knowledge of the Eurasian environment (multinational corporations, NGOs, state institutions).
(1992 – 2020) Performance of professional practice of a specialized therapist with a focus on non-invasive neuroimmunobiomodulation of organic tissue. Therapeutic results and long-term studies of the practice of neuroimmunobiomodulation techniques presented and published on the European, Asian, and Eurasian continents (doctors, academics, media).
(1988 – 2018) Active scientific research in the field of psychological sciences with specialization in ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). Final research summary and practical demonstrations of specific skills presented and published on the European, Asian, and Eurasian continents (scientists, academics, media).

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