General conditions
Dear partners and clients!
Before visiting the institute or before a personal meeting with the staff of the institute, please read the following safety rules and instructions of this generally binding provision.

1.) With regard to mutual safety and the creation of conditions for the effective performance of activities, it is prohibited:

  • to take photographs or in any way take a video or audio recording of the detecting person and activity
  • to use any communication or electronic devices irrelevant to the performance or act of the service
  • to disrupt the proper performance of the activity by any inappropriate behaviour or indecent behaviour

2.) It is strictly forbidden to bring into the premises of the institute or to meetings with the institute’s staff or clients:

  • any type of firearm and/or ammunition, regardless of the applicable licenses
  • stabbing and cutting objects, stun guns, or other means or aids of personal self-defence
  • explosive, flammable, toxic, or narcotic and psychotropic substances, or objects of this nature

In the event of any suspected health threat, breach of security, conflict of interest, or other illegal conduct or behaviour, the institute has the full right to prevent the client’s entry, or refuse to perform or carry out any action from the portfolio of activities without giving a reason.

Our identity


 Company ID No.: 28599152, Tax ID No.: CZ28599152
The company is registered at the Regional Court in Ostrava, Section C, File 33938
Czech Republic

Our clients

  • Energy multinational corporations
  • Financial and investment companies
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Multinational automotive corporations
  • NGOs and corporations
  • Print media and TV companies
  • Private and family sector of clients
  • Security and armed forces
  • State organizations and institutions
  • Trading and manufacturing companies
  • Transport and forwarding companies
  • University and educational institutions